Development of a prediction method for the identification of food-derived bitter peptides.
Project no. 468601105 (Link)

MetaLoMic 2.0- Deciphering the mechanistic impact of secondary plant metabolites on microbiome-host interactions in Lotus japonicus.
Project no. 401867691 (Link)

Molecular assessment of metabolome alterations in Hordeum vulgare induced by net blotch.
Project no. 426922085 (Link)

Tracing the transfer of dietary chemosensory molecules and their metabolites from the maternal diet into human milk and urine by means of a Curry spice intervention study
Project no. 323857937 (Link)

Texture design of food biopolymers by 3D printing for modulation of odour/flavour perception
Project no. 405072578 (Link)

Biotechnological evaluation of temperature induced gene expression and metabolome modulation of self-cloning Saccharomyces yeast
Project no. 269148392 (Link)

Composition and metabolism of the pellicle in children (project completed)
Project no. 276091689 (Link)

LC-MS/MS for metabolomic applications - Project part 1 of 4 (project completed)
Project no. 389893312 (Link)

Nitrogen assimilation and gene expression of sensory active amino acid metabolites of Saccharomyces yeasts (project completed)
Project no. 195600675 (Link)

Identification of modulators of fatty taste with retronasal-olfactory and orosensory activity in food lipids (project completed)
Project no. 82552306 (Link)

Structure elucidation and evaluation of formation pathways of carbohydrate-based melanoidins (project completed)
Project no. 72557700 (Link)

Structure elucidation and evaluation of formation pathways and contribution to colour lärung der Struktur, der Bildung und des Farb-Beitrages von Schlüsselfarbstoffen aus der Maillard-Reaktion von Pentosen und Hexosen mit Alanin
Project no. 5135238 (Link)

Einfluss von Hochdruck auf die Bildung transienter Intermediate des Kohlenhydratabbaus sowie Struktur und Funktionalität Kohlenhydrat-modifizierter Proteine
Project no. 5465994 (Link)