AG Hofmann (provisional Dawid)

  • SENSOMICS: from sensory active molecules to culinary authenticity

  • BIOACTIVES: from natural product chemistry to biological function

  • NUTRITIONAL METABOLOMICS: from metabolite profiling to biomarker discovery

Current research focus areas of the group of Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann (provisional Prof. Dr. Dawid), chair of Food Chemistry and Molecular Sensory Science, are as follows:

  1. structural decoding and functional reconstruction of chemosensory signatures of foods and beverages (Sensomics)
  2. activity-guided discovery of bioactive natural products in foods and complex biological systems (Bioactives)
  3. human metabolism of biofunctional food ingredients using metabolomics profiling and molecular definition of nutritive biomarker profiles (Nutritional Metabolomics)
  4. synthesis, characterization, and development of bioanalytical methods based on natural and xenobiotic nucleic acids (Nucleic Acid Chemistry)

New mass spectrometry-based methods to quantitatively monitor chemical target signatures in food products and bioinformatic tools are used to build “digital twins,” capturing molecular key information on quality determinants along the value chain from raw materials to the final food product. Such “digital twins” will provide the foundation for a digitally enhanced food authenticity control system that allows for increased transparency and traceability.